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BIOFLEX – Production of sustainable storable liquid fuels for flexible power generation and marine transport (2020-2024)

The overall goal of the BioFlex project is to develop a least-cost solution for the production of sustainable and storable liquid fuels that meet the specifications for both flexible power generation and marine transport with large internal combustion engines. In stationary applications, the fuel enables low-carbon back-up concepts for energy systems dominated by variable renewable energy generation, while in marine applications the fuel enables large-scale decarbonisation of international shipping in a way that is compatible with the IMO’s recently adopted GHG reduction strategy.

Through networking with industry along the entire value chain, a business and operational environment is created for piloting the concept. The companies involved are Auramarine, Fortum, FG-Shipping, Neste, Pohjanmaan Hyötyjätekuljetus, Polartek, St1, Valmet and Wärtsilä of which Neste, Fortum, Pohjanmaan Hyötyjätekuljetus, and Polartek are potential future suppliers of sustainable liquid fuels for Auramarine fuel systems and Wärtsilä internal combustion engine power plants and marine engines. Valmet is a technology and machinery supplier for feedstock liquefaction and upgrading. VTT will provide impartial data on availability, sustainability, quality and economics on various liquid fuel production chains. The IEA Bioenergy networks on direct thermochemical liquefaction, and bioenergy flexibility will be an important co-operation forum.

The 4-year BioFlex project has a budget of EUR 1.6 million and is co-financed by Business Finland, VTT and the participating companies.